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Back in Downton

Posted by Dean Hebert on September 6, 2014 at 1:50 PM


Where else would we go on a long weekend car-camping adventure? This area has become a real favourite for me with so much to see and so many places to explore.

 Serea and I invited Paul and our neighbours, Chris and Celyne, to join us, so, on the Canada Day long weekend, we drove up the Downton Creek FSR, missing the turn off and having to retrace our steps back to the right spur. We set up camp just past the trail head.


 After a cold night, the sun came out and warmed us up.



 I walked into the clearcut above the road and took a shot of the peak across the valley.


 When everyone was ready, we went for a walk to the unnamed lake at the end of the FSR.


I went for a walk around the north side of the lake and took a picture of the valley's headwall. I think I can get up there. Tomorrow I'll try and get to the upper lakes.


After dinner I headed up to Holley Lake to take photos of the sunset. I was hoping for more wild flowers in the meadows past the forest, but I guess we were a little early in the season. I stopped to take some shots of the stream that flows through the forest.


 I didn't get anything worth looking at and returned to camp as the las of the light faded from the sky.

 The next day, before setting out to climb the headwall, I got Serea to hold on to Fergus so he wouldn't follow me. I hiked around the lake, crossing rockslides and generally angling up towards the right hand edge, where it looked to be  the easiest access. I heard barking and then Fergus joined me. Because  I wasn't sure of the terrain I didn't know if Fergus would be able to get all the way to the top. Sure enough he got stuck at one spot and couldn't get past it. I back tracked to get him and decided to just head around the lake. There was some nice views down the valley.



 Back at the outlet of the lake everyone else was enjoying the sunny afternoon. Chris was fishing but not having too much luck. I did a little exploring and found a meadow on the other side of a small rise.


 Back at camp, we had a furry visitor. This marmot was pretty daring, coming right into camp and letting me get within 15 feet.


  I figured I'd give Holley Lake another chance and hiked up after dinner. A clump of trees caught my eye.


 I wandered the shoreline looking for a good composition as the light travelled up the mountains. With the sun lighting up the peak, I set up this shot. It's a 3 image blend for dynamic range, a manual form of HDR.


 Then the clouds turned pink and I stopped for one last shot before heading back to camp in the dark.


 There's still a ton of things to see and do here so I'm sure we'll be back next year!

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