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Exploring the Mount Baker Wilderness

Posted by Dean Hebert on December 22, 2020 at 11:15 PM

 In the fall of 2018 I made several return trips to the Mount Baker wilderness, exploring the Chain Lakes, Lake Anne, and Ptarmigan Ridge.

 While pre-scouting the Chain Lakes I saw a spot that looked promising for a reflection shot of Mount Baker. From the parkinglot the trail dips down to Upper Bagley Lake before climbing up to a pass filled with fall colours.

 There's a great view of Mount Shuksan from the pass but this time the peak was obscured by clouds. My destination was Iceberg Lake, about a 200 meter drop from the pass.


As I made my way to the north-east shore of the lake the grade became quite steep. While contemplating how to get down to the edge I feasted on blueberries and huckleberries. 

 With no easy way down I bashed my way through the brush, placing each foot carefully and holding on to anything at hand. I got close enough to set-up my tripod and composed a few shots, crossing my fingers and hoping the wind would die down.

 I stayed for 20 minutes as the light faded, then packed my gear and hauled myself back up from the shore, fighting against the bushes. At the pass I stopped to get a shot of the moon rising. I should of taken the time to get out my tripod but I was too impatient.

 Every time you go to the Mount Baker Ski Resort to go hiking, you drive past the aptly named Picture Lake. I've never stopped here before but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm happy with the results although I may try to get another shot with some colour in the sky.

 Leaving from the Artist Point parking lot, the Ptarmigan Ridge trail side hills below Table mountain, offering good views back to Mount Shuksan.

 I wandered along the ridge for about an hour or so looking for a good composition until the light began to climb the mountain side. I set up for a few shots of Shuksan but couldn't seem to get anything to come together,

 A week later I was back on the mountain, heading to Lake Anne. The plan was to climb the rise to the west of the lake and see if I could get a reflection shot of Mount Shuksan.

 The hike to the lake is filled with great views but I was in too much of a hurry to get to there to enjoy them. I was at the lake in just over an hour and circled around to the far end before starting up the ridge. I was just picking my way across the slope, climbing higher as I went, looking for the best view, when the last of the sunlight hit the peak of Shuksan.


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