Dean Hebert Photography

Fine Art Landscape Photography of the Fraser Valley and beyond

Black Tusk Attempt

Garibaldi Park can be busier than Metro Town on a Saturday. If you don't mind the crowds, there's certainly plenty to see, once you escape the forest.


This is a long day's journey of almost 30 kms round trip. and over 1700 meters of elevation gain. The trail trudges along the side of a valley, gaining some altitude in the dense forest. Then the switchbacks begin. Back and forth, back and forth, until you reach a trail junction. Following the trail to Taylor Meadows, even out of the trees, the day I went was overcast and there were no views. Plenty of flowers line the many streams flowing off the surround hills. Past the meadows, there's another trail junction. Taking the route to Black Tusk, the path steepens and soon you're walking up a talus slope. I couldn't see our destination and the wind picked-up considerably. Follow around the base of the "tusk" and you reach a chimney leading to the next level and ultimately the peak. It was wet  with almost zero visibility so we decided not to bother climbing to the top. On the way down, the clouds lifted, and I could see why so many people hiked here. You can make a loop over to Garibaldi Lake and "the Barrier", a huge rock slide before retracing your steps back to the parking lot.