Dean Hebert Photography

Fine Art Landscape Photography of the Fraser Valley and beyond

The Blowdown Lake Area


 Located about 10 kms south of Duffy Lake, Blowdown Lake is vehicle accessible if you have a capable 4x4. Our VW Jetta slowly made it to the 10 kms parking area. Another 4.5 kms of hiking brought us to the lakeshore. From Chilliwack it's about 4 hours to the FSR, which means this is not a day hike.

 Blowdown Lake is the starting point for endless rambling along ridges, sauntering around countless tarns, and climbing to a multitude of peaks.

 Located just outside the Stein Valley, an old mining road crosses the boundary into the wilderness area and travels down the next valley.

 There's a trail leading from Blowdown Lake to Kidney Lake, and then further along below the peaks and cliffs to a little lake at the  far, south-western end of the valley.


  Heading east from Blowdown, you climb up to the col and from there, north to a sub-peak along a high ridge.


  This area offers enough challenges and rewards for at least a weekend but, because of the easy access, if you're looking for solitude, I would recommend continuing on to one of the other lakes in the area.