Dean Hebert Photography

Fine Art Landscape Photography of the Fraser Valley and beyond

Downton Creek to Statimcets Peak

 The road to the trail head is as scenic as any I've driven and is a nice prelude to the hike to come. Once parked, the trail head is well marked and the path is easy to follow through an old cut-block.

 Another sign points into the forest, and after an easy 20 minutes or so, you emerge into some lovely meadows. Then you're in and out of trees, catching some views of the surrounding mountains before reaching the first lake.


 There's a trail that leads around the lake but I chose to ignore it and just follow my feet. The obvious way leads to the next lake.


From there, I went to another lake below Linus and then side-hilled across a talus slope before reaching a tarn at the foot of Statimcets Peak. It's straight up the scree to the summit, with impressive views in all directions.