Dean Hebert Photography

Fine Art Landscape Photography of the Fraser Valley and beyond

Frosty Mountain

This mountain lies in the southern portion of E.C. Manning Park, accessed from the Lightning Lakes day-use area. Because this trail is in a Provincial park it is well maintained and has an easy grade. Long, gentle switchbacks take you from the lake shore to the top of Frosty's shoulder. The trail levels out a bit before arriving at the campsite. Not in the best location, the campsite is in the woods, it's only saving grace is that it has a stream running through it. You head up from the campsite, gaining more elevation. The forest changes as you enter the western most stand of Larch trees in Canada.


These coniferous trees are the only species to loose their needles, and in late September to early October the needles turn a brilliant yellow. In short order you reach Larch Plateau, a relatively flat area with views in many directions. In my journeys I've only gone a bit further, spending an evening in a small valley below the summit, before hiking down in the dark.






 Maybe next year I'll reach the peak.