Dean Hebert Photography

Fine Art Landscape Photography of the Fraser Valley and beyond

Mount MacFarlane

 I've attempted this hike several times and come up short but this year I made summiting Mount MacFarlane a priority.

 The trail starts at the new Pierce Lake trail head along Chilliwack Lake Rd. It gives you a few minutes to warm up and then begins the long, forest enclosed hike up to Pierce Lake. There's a couple of breaks and some old growth forest but for the most part just keep your head down and your feet moving.

 Take a break at the first lake before continuing on to Upper Pierce Lake. Ascend past the waterfalls before climbing over the lip of the bowl the upper lake lies in. Time for another break!

 Sitting at the side of the lake, I almost decided to skip summiting the mountain as my feet were a bit sore, but I couldn't get that close and not finish the job.

 The views on the final summit approach are quite spectacular, especially of Mount Slesse!

 I was too tired to put my heart into doing any photography so I snapped some quick shots and retraced my path back to the trail head.