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The 5 Best Hikes of 2020

 2020, need I say more?

 Poor weather at the start of the year kept me at home during January, then we were off on vacation for half of February. Then I had shoulder surgery that kept me at home until the end of July. By then I was so out of shape that I could hardly manage a hike up to Three Brothers Mountain.

 I was determined to get some photos and to see some new sights so I took advantage of every opportunity to get out and explore.

 The Mount Slesse Memorial is a good hike but from there to the propeller cairn is the most scenic part of the route. I took a long drive to Pemberton to hike up to Semaphore Lakes, maybe too long of a drive! Convincing my son to go for an overnight hike to Downton creek wasn't easy but I'm glad he joined me. Watersprite Lake is a small but beautiful destination. And I didn't actually mean to go to Alder Flats. Just a lucky result of poor planning.

Slesse Memorial/Propeller Cairn

Semaphore Lakes

Downton Creek

Watersprite Lake

Alder Flats

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