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The 5 Best Hikes of 2011

  First things first, I'm sorry!  I apologize for not including your favourite hike. This is a list of the best hikes that I personally hiked this year, and unfortunately I just didn't get to go everywhere I would have liked to. If you have a suggestion, what you consider to be the best hike or at least worthy of being included here, contact me and maybe I can get to it soon. If you'd like to be my guide to your favourite location I will try to work it into my schedule.

 These hikes are within a 2hr* drive of my home in Chilliwack and can be done as a day hike. They offer some of the most scenic beauty in and around the Fraser Valley.

 I've based my ranking on difficulty, scenery, and "Wow" factor

Needle Peak

Trophy Mountain*

Statlu Lake and Upper Statlu Lake

July Mountain (Drum Lake)

Williamson Lake

Some honourable mentions include:

 Slesse Memorial, Cheam Mountain, Snow Camp Mountain, Radium Lake, and Ford Mountain. 

*Trophy Mtn is in Wells Gray Provincial Park, about a 4hr drive.