Dean Hebert Photography

Fine Art Landscape Photography of the Fraser Valley and beyond


Located in the Coquihalla Rec. Area, Zoa is the peak of the ridge on the north side of Falls Lake.     

 Starting from the Falls Lake parking lot, head right, up a steep access road until you see the flagging tape marking the trail head. The forest begins thinning quickly and soon you're able to see the north face of Thar, Nak, and Yak.


Climb to the top of a sub summit that is mostly clear of trees, offering great views. Then down the other side before heading back up to the true summit of Zoa. With more trees, some of the views from the summit are a bit blocked. Exploring further leads off the summit along a ridge that overlooks Little Douglas Lake to the west. I'm told that there is a way to drop off the ridge and hike out along Falls Lake but when I tried I got cliffed out.